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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This astrology -related article is a stub. A progressed chart can be read as a stand-alone chart, but it is also used to compare with the natal chart. Transits to progressed planets can also be important to consider. One vital component of the progressed chart is the secondary progressed Moon.

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This is the fastest moving body in the progressed chart and it will change signs approximately every two and a half years -- which corresponds to the way the Moon changes signs in the sky approximately every two and a half days. The progressed Moon is a potent tool to help refine prediction. An important progressed Moon aspect will help narrow down a time-sensitive period suggested by larger progressed aspects and transits.

Annie was divorced in A look at her natal chart shows that the marriage sector -- the 7th house -- has Aquarius on the cusp. See her natal Mars placement in Aquarius just underneath the North Node in the 6th house? Well, mathematically, it is very close to her Descendant -- the marriage sector -- of her chart.

It's next to her natal 7th house by about 3 degrees, making Mars an honorary co-ruler of her marriage sector. This is important, as you'll soon see when we look at the progressions active at the time of her divorce. With Aquarius on the 7th cusp, that makes Uranus the ruler of Annie's 7th house.

Saturn will be a co-ruler because both of these signs rule Aquarius. When it comes to 7th house changes for Annie -- whether a divorce or marriage -- we'll expect to see transits and progressions to either the 7th house cusp, to a planet in the 7th house she has none , or to a planet ruling the 7th house in Annie's case it is busy with Uranus, Saturn and Mars all involved.

Venus, the planet that rules love and marriage, will also be involved.

What transits were active during Annie's divorce in ? Not surprisingly, transiting Uranus in the sky ruler of her 7th house was first exactly conjunct her 7th house cusp, and then goes on to square her natal Venus the planet that naturally rules love and marriage. These aspects are common for sudden changes in relationship.

Transiting Planets Across The Descendant / Astrology Houses

In fact, they are both classic divorce transits. In addition, transiting Saturn co ruler of her 7th house was conjunct the Sun in Gemini. The Sun rules Annie's Ascendant with bright Leo rising.

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The Ascendant-Descendant axis is the relationship axis, and here we find a transit that brings them together -- but in a stressful way. Now, let's take a look at Annie's secondary progressed chart for January, , when she made the decision to leave her husband. Notice her secondary progressed Mars has moved to 21 degrees and 57 minutes of Aquarius, and although it was direct natally this month, it turned retrograde in her progressed chart.

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This is huge! Not only is secondary progressed Mars within two-degrees of being conjunct her 7th house cusp, but it literally turned retrograde on it. What symbolism to corroborate the deep internal changes Annie must have felt about this divorce! An internal fight about ending her marriage, for sure. In addition, you can see that her Secondary Progressed Moon is at 25 degrees and 22 minutes Aquarius, which is in her natal 7th house.

Beginners Corner: Cusps and interceptions

The secondary progressed Moon is a valuable timer in predictive Astrology. Back in August of it was precisely conjunct her 7th house cusp, as well -- while secondary progressed Mars was standing still, preparing to turn retrograde merely five months later.