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February 20 Birthdays Of Famous PeopleƂ - Characteristics And Personality Traits

Birthday Horoscope February 28th Birthday Horoscope February 28th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on February 28th. Comments: February Horoscope Pisces. G it's Pisces I reject the title of being highly strung, unless of course goaded into it, but I agree with everything else. Musically inclined, charming, dislikes prolonged arguments, the dreaming, feeling appreciated and included. Sanidhya OMG!! Tom You sound like you have a nice grasp. Keep move on. Rachel yepthomi Add me on facebook my dear soulmates.. N I love pisceans.


Mind your own The Pisces I know suffers badly with mental illness and a very low emotional intelligence. This has made him a very nasty, cowardly and bitchy individual. He used to be a friend of mine, but can now jump in front of a fast moving car for all I care. He is also very fat, ugly and needy. Business Don't you know the eyes are the window to the soul?

Birthday Horoscope February 20th

It works both ways, what you see in someone else are the qualities you see in yourself. You are angry at this person because you're fearful of yourself. You are worried their behavior might be causing you mental illness. You yourself in this very message display the traits you claim to despise: 1. Low emotional intelligence - higher intelligence means taking the higher road. Not stooping to their level of name calling. The only bitchy, nasty individual is you.

You can't control their actions, but you can yours. Are you displaying the actions of the higher person you insinuate yourself to be? Stop thinking about their involvement and worry about your own. Coward - you didn't sign your real name. Im not signing mine either but I'm not the one throwing out these harsh judgements in the first place, only asking you to reflect upon those words and what they truly mean to to.

Know that inner peace comes from within. No amount of blaming someone else for your problems will solve this. Anyway, I wish you good luck on your journey.

February 20 Zodiac

Some situations the players involved are unable to see the bigger picture. Whether or not you ponder this comment, if you take my advice or ignore it, karma will sort it out in the end so just do what feels right to you. Kerie It fits me perfectly. I know pisces are flexible, adjustible but still wants to know, How about Leo and pisces compatibility? Will it be a good match? Sara I came to this Earth on 20th Feb.

Haile It is my birthday today feb,20 I am also wondering about pieces behaviors. Tierra This is exactly me! Wyatt I feel like they just explained my life. Ashley I recently got married and I am trying to reconnect and grow stronger as an individual as well as a partner in my marriage. Reading this just reminded me why I believe so deeply in astrology. I completely agree with everything above. Honestly, I'm kind of in awe over how completely accurate this entire read is.

Out of curiosity, if you are born on this day, what sign is your partner? Mine is a Scorpio, and as we all know it is suppose to be a perfect match. A best friend introduced us on a whim without knowing her birthday , I fell for her quickly. We spent three beautiful days together for our first date never meeting before. What's other February 20th birthday experiences that you have with your partner?

Above statements we exactly what we are,what we wanted for life The question is always ask ,y self, why others not born on this day of Feb. This can lead to significant health problems as they may find it difficult to break these habits. In addition, they may try to run away from their problems by over working themselves.

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Pisces rules the feet, so they are more susceptible to swollen feet and sores, hence, it is imperative that they take care of their limbs. Finance Individuals born on this day are not overly concerned with money, although they do tend to enjoy spending it. However, because of their personality they tend to work well with others due to their charming and caring nature. As such, they will be stable in their jobs and will have sufficient money to maintain their lifestyle.

Career Individuals born on this day are artistic and spiritual; they are quite in tune with how they are. In their career, they will not choose the mundane or routine job, for they will become bored.

However, they are excellent with group work as they make other members feel appreciated which can see them reach to the top. Relationships, Marriage and Children Due to the compassionate and selfless nature of the people born on February 20, they need to take care that they are not being taken for a ride in a relationship. They tend to give all their all in a relationship and will make sacrifices to their detriment to ensure the happiness of their spouse.

Pisces is a water sign, and so is extremely romantic, generous, trustworthy and sensitive; Pisceans make great partners. It is recommended though, because of their propensity to be gullible that they date the other two water signs, with which they are compatible or the earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn. Rihanna 31, Barbadian.

Kurt Cobain 27, American. Trevor Noah 35, South African. Mitch McConnell 77, American.

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Chelsea Peretti 41, American. Sidney Poitier 92, Bahamian, American. Miles Teller 32, American. Cindy Crawford 53, American.

Ivana Trump 70, American. Patty Hearst 65, American. Gloria Vanderbilt 95, American. Gordon Brown 68, British. Jay Hernandez 41, American. Charles Barkley 56, American. Brian Littrell 44, American.

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Ansel Adams 82, American. Amanda Blake 60, American.

Andi asks is your Birthday February 20th...

Brenda Blethyn 73, British. Cheyenne Brando 25, French. Richard Beymer 81, American. French Stewart 55, American. Angelica Schuyler Church 58, American. Robert Altman 81, American. Edward Albert 55, American. Sandy Duncan 73, American. Ron Eldard 54, American. Jari Litmanen 48, Finnish. Letting someone interfere in your affairs will end up holding you back and causing confusion and uncertainty. Mind your own business, and aim to be productive. Your numbers are 5, 12, 22, 25, 31, 37, Life is about living and striving to make the most of it.

Engage in talks and offer suggestions. Personal improvements can be made. Situations will spin out of control quickly. CANCER June July 22 : Share your feelings and collaborate with someone you love to come up with viable solutions that will make your life and your relationship better. Look at every option, and choose the one that offers you the freedom to express your creativity. LEO July Aug. An opportunity is only as good as what you do with it.