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Dubai minibus accident: Names of Indian, Nepalese victims announced. Do business in Dubai without residence with virtual licence. Tourists charged Dh1, for two plates of spaghetti in Rome. Job openings with Dh18, salary at Dubai's Emirates. Mostly people keep a name that has good meaning or a name of a famous historical figure or the names of Prophets that we know. Then we add other names to that, i.

This does not bring in the same qualities or effects in the child as there are many other things that have to be taken into consideration. All the above may be called by friends and relatives as Salim. They all will have different characteristics. Hence, giving your child a correct name is immensely important if you want to see him successful in life.

In Arabic Numerology the names are written in Arabic. Each Arabic alphabet has a number. The numbers of each alphabet are added again and again till we derive at a single digit from 1 to 9. That number becomes the person's name number. From this date the zodiacal sign is determined. This is customary among Hindus. So this theory fails. The other theory is — keep a name that has a good meaning.

Gulaab Rose Singh being No. Rose, Deepa, Zeenat — all the names sound good and have good meanings too, but are 8 number names. These women under all circumstances will lead a miserable married life. Though it is good to have a name with good meaning, but it is obvious that the meaning does not have any significant relevance to the name. So this theory too fails. All these are matched or derived through the best combination. If we keep her name, say, Gauri. This is a very good name.

The child will excel in life. But if her date of birth is 8th of a month, then things will be different. Such a person will have minor problems in life. Finally, if we give the child a 8 name number, she shall suffer in life. This combination has done miracles in the lives of thousands of people. When calculating the name numbers of such names as - Allah, God, Ishwar, Bhagwan, - the end product is 3, which in Arabic Numerology also denotes a religious man if his name number is 3.

Number 1 is successful in all the fields without much struggle but number 9 is successful only after a struggle. This struggle makes him more mature and wiser. These facts do prove something. Parents should try to match all three, i. Such a child will be a divine child and will do wonders in life. If this is not possible they should then try to match at least two things out of the above three. If this is also not possible they should then use the best combinations as given in the Name Chart in chapter 4.

It is important on which date of the moon the child is born. However, if the name is good this effect is minimized. We know that the actions or events that take place in our lives and over which we have no control, for such actions we are not responsible or liable, but those actions that are the direct result of our reasoning power or free-will we are responsible and accounted for.

It is not that a person with an excellent name combination will have a nice time and can do whatever he feels like. Going against the universal laws knowingly or unknowingly will definitely have it repercussions. Your sins and actions should be tolerable and should not exceed certain limits as specified by the physical universal laws. If they do exceed then nothing can help you; even prayers become ineffective. That is how we say God punished him for his deeds. Hence, by all means the man should follow a path of righteousness. The more he follows the right path the more successful and happy he will find himself.

Please note — do not get confused with some name combinations which are very bad only for the marriage combination, but for keeping names same numbers are excellent. However you can start a name with 5 or 6 but not with 8. If a child is born on any of the bad dates and if he is given the same name number he will do well in life but only till the time he is not married.

His troubles will start from the day he is married. Parents usually prefer names with good meanings. It is good to keep names with good meanings, but if the number is not good then please avoid it. For this please check name numbers given in the end. Avoid keeping names that have bad combinations with date of birth, i. Avoid name numbers that clash with the first alphabet number, i. Avoid direct or related names of those things that are single e. God, Sun, Moon etc , i.

Also avoid keeping the names of the Prophets with bad numbers or with numbers not having correct combinations. The Prophets mostly suffered for a cause and God gave them the names as per the jobs they were to perform. Proper ceremonies should be held when giving a name to your child. The Hindus perform this ceremony differently as per their rites.

Whichever religion you belong to, the ceremony must be done properly and completely, in accordance to your religious rites, with full public participation. This is very important otherwise the changed names do not give the desired results. If they adopt this Science it will give them peace of mind with regards to their children and change their own lives for the better. If the marriage combination is wrong, the child who had been excelling will be doomed or his progress will be stagnated, though his behaviour, attitude, efforts will still be influenced by his own numbers, but the things will not work out in the right direction.

As I had said earlier that the forces of nature will act negatively and whatever he does will either not work or else will lead him to a bigger mess in life. For example — If the marriage combination of a person is not good and the person wishes to buy a house and if the house is against the Vaastu norms, the Forces of Nature with all possibilities will make him buy the house, and hence will push him into greater problems of life. In nutshell, the life of both will become hell. However, if his combination is good, the Forces of Nature will not let him buy the house that is against the Vaastu norms.

Though the person may regret at that time, yet it shall be for his own benefit, which he may or may never realize. Dowry deaths or divorces are a result of a bad combination of marriage, which can be avoided by choosing the right partner for your daughter. For example — the marriage combination of 9 and 8 will doom the couple.

The results are quick and disastrous. It has been seen that at times it may even cause early death could be for reasons like dowry of either or both. It may even lead to divorce, that would be a blessing in disguise for such bad combinations. Please note: It has been observed, mostly in Muslims, that a spelling mistake on the Nikah Nama marriage certificate has made all the difference, whether for the good or bad.

Many clerics who prepare the marriage certificates are not well versed in Arabic language, hence such mistakes are made. The spelling on the marriage certificate is the name that governs you and not what you write or call yourself. Good combination If the combinations are good the couple will further get a boost in their career. Things that they do will have positive results.

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The Forces of Nature will always direct them to do the right thing that shall make their lives better. Such are the mysteries of the Physical Universal Laws. For example — a combination of 9 with 7 will catapult the man or both in all walks of life. Similarly, 1 with 2 combination is also excellent and will do wonders in their lives. The other good marriage combinations are 2 with 3, 1 with 4, 1 with 9, 3 with 7 etc.

Further, the readers may kindly note that a birth of a child especially male born on a wrong date and time may bring in bad results for the family.

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Things can become worse if a wrong name is given to him. God too had changed the names of his chosen apostles as per the jobs they were to perform — Abraham Abram , Israel Jacob , Paul Saul , etc. Prophet Mohammad pbuh had also changed a few names. Please note one thing here - it is not necessary that the number of the girl is bad, but she is blamed because she is the new entry, but in actual it is the effect of the bad marriage combination.

No one is at fault. It is their destiny resulting through ignorance. However, either one or both may be advised to change their names that would make their combination perfect. If you change your name, with proper religious rites, then you will move in harmony with the vibrations of the new name and your probabilities, as per the Physical Universal Law, will also change to the better.

If another name is added to your original name to make a perfect name number the results will be visible in a short period of time but not overnight. In extreme cases the change may reach its perfection in about 3 months or may even take 6 months. However, once the results begin to show then there is no looking back. If the name is changed completely i. So it is obvious that only Meenakshi should change her name and not the husband.

In this particular case she should change her name number to 7, which makes an excellent combination with 9. To change it to Number 7 she has to either change her name completely or add another 8 name number to make it 7, i. The change of name does not mean just calling oneself with the new name. It will have no effect at all or may take years to be effective.

There are lots of other formalities to be completed. A goat sacrificing ceremony is held to preserve the health and wealth of the person. One he-goat for the male and one for the female have to be sacrificed. While sacrificing, it is important the man with the knife should be facing the Holy Kaaba. The religious head after reading the religious verses, should mention before using the knife what the previous name was old name , which has now being changed to the new name.

A lock of hair is then cut of the aqeeqa person and disposed off into the river, canal or the sea. Meat should not be eaten by the person and his family in whose name the Aqeeqa is being done. It is advisable to distribute it to the poor people. This completes the aqeeqa ceremony.

The clerics of their respective religions would know the method. Hence, they should be consulted. The time and date have also to be determined for the ceremony. First name given to the child whether Aqeeqa is done or not. Name as on the marriage day and specifically as written on the marriage contract Nikah Nama. It is your life and you alone have to improve it. Others will always act as deterrents.

Your and the lives of your loved ones are the most important responsibility of yours. Take good care of that under all circumstances. After this please meet your lawyer who will prepare an affidavit on stamp paper for the changed name. This will include advertisements too, in the newspapers.

A photocopy of this affidavit will help you change your name in the office, passport, account number and where necessary. Your new name should be everywhere and your old name should be completely forgotten. You will gradually start feeling the changes in your life. I had recently read the book of Mr.

Hence, if a perfect name is given to the child he is, God willing, bound to be intelligent and prosperous in life. Please see our charts which will give you a clear idea. This will help in finding the right matches easily. Some things or sayings leave a long lasting impact on a person. The hero of the film, also an engineer who comes for an interview, requests the owner, who has just rejected him, if he could check.

Sarcastically the owner agrees. The hero on seeing what the fault was takes a hammer and hits on a loose bolt. The owner asks the hero how much he should pay. Arabic numerology is a science that can have innumerable applications. Many of these have already been discussed earlier. This is to refresh your minds and to have a quick look as to what role Arabic Numerology plays or can play in your life. Earlier our practice was restricted to solving of general problems of the people. For the past two years, we have switched over to curing illnesses and have been very successful in curing even the most dreaded illnesses which we really never thought or even dreamt of.

However, a few of its uses as we see them today are — 1. It provides the correct name combination to a child so that he excels in life. While keeping the name of a child a few things should match or have correct combinations.

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It provides the correct marriage combination where the couple leads a successful and a prosperous life. It provides us with 81 marriage combinations, covering every couple in this world. This is the most important chapter of the book.

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No other numerology gives such accurate details of marriage combinations. It identifies why most love marriages fail. The more physical attraction you have towards her, worst would be the combination. The same stars with the same chemical combinations clash with each other, affecting the relationship of the couple. This effect starts only after marriage, creating problems for the couple.

This is the Universal Law of God. It ensures, with correct combination, having children as planned and desired. It tells us the illnesses attached to each number and how they can be cured. It can cure obesity as it identifies what number names are fat. Usually Nos. It can provide substantial information about physical characteristics from the name of the person, e. One can prosper in job or business. It identifies reasons for success of big business houses and even the failures of others.

It works very well in knowing people — partners, business contacts, collection policy, and recruiting right kind of people. It can also tell us whom to avoid totally and why. However Arabic Numerology has a perfect solution for this problem also. This Science can change the destiny or fortunes of any person, community and even the entire race. This Science can be used in many other fields. If you omit the zeros, which you have to do when calculating your name number, the end product of numbers against each alphabet will be from 1 to 9.

Some additional alphabets, with numbers have been given which are in use in English and Urdu. This includes X which is used in English only. Here are some tips as to how your name number will be calculated in Arabic — 1. Omit zeros when calculating your name number. Vowels are not considered if they are in between the other alphabets, but taken if they appear in the beginning, ending or if they appear twice, such as aa, ee, ii, oo, uu, i.

You have to simply follow the phonetic sound. This is applicable to only Muslim names. Anuj, Anubhav, Bruce, Julia, etc it will be taken as it is being stressed. In such a case they will not be taken, such as - Alice, Adline, Eugene, Bruce, Kishore — because the last letter sound actually comes before the second last letter. Where there are two non-vowel letters together then only one has to be taken, such as — Allen, Brett, Emmanuel, William, Gassan, Mallika, Rattan, Effat, etc. Remember correct calculation of your name is the most important thing. The following names should not be taken when calculating your name — 1.

Khan is a title, hence, has to be omitted.

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Father or husband name if added in your name then it should not be taken, as it has no significance in your life. Name that was on the Aqeeqa, Naam Karan, or Christianing ceremony day remains your most important name if after changing the name religious rites were not performed. After marriage the name, the way it is spelt, in the marriage certificate remains most important and not how you spell it. If you change your name with proper religious rites then that becomes your most important name, but the effect of your previous name shall remain for quite some time.

Each Number Alphabets have been given on extreme right. Say, you have to find a name combination of a child born on 21st of any given month. See in Excel lent vertically. You can take either of these as first alphabet and keep 3 as total name number. Say, you choose 2 as first alphabet number. Against 2- B, G, R, K, etc are given. From here go to Calculated Name Numbers and look for names starting with above alphabets and having 3 as name numbers. This name will make all the difference in his life. They usually lead a healthy life.

GOOD: They are successful to a lesser degree and can be termed as very well to do and even successful. They are happy and content with life. They lead a healthy life. Something very desirous always lacks in their life, which they usually never get. BAD: They face problems at every step of their life. They can meet their ends with difficulties. They are not happy with life and always complain. In numerology if you miss by one it makes lot of difference. Say for instance, if you were name number 4 in actual, but due to wrong calculation you derive a figure of 5 or 3.

This will give you totally a wrong name number, which would mean — wrong characteristic, wrong marriage combination, i. Hence, it is of paramount importance that you get your correct name number and then proceed further. So while calculating your name mistakes may be there. For this reason we have calculated the most common Christian, Muslim and Hindu names for your convenience. Most of the people should get their name numbers from there itself. It has the ability to change the destiny or fortune not only of an individual, but of a community and even the entire race or country.

Arabic Numerology can guide us and make our lives healthy and free from all tensions as it identifies the illnesses that are attached to each name number and further guides us as to how they can be cured. God has created the planetary system which has 9 astroplanets. If any individual is attached to the wrong planet owing to his name or marriage combination then he shall suffer. Some of these illnesses are incurable. For instance, person with name number 1 wears spectacles at an early age and is prone to heart attacks. Number 3 has liver enlargement problem. Number 4 has heart and backbone problems.

Number 9 has left ear problem. It can also cure obesity as it identifies what name numbers are fat. Illness totally depends upon the name or marriage combination. There are broadly 81 name and marriage combinations, which are divided into 6 categories. These categories, as per the chart, are Excellent — which has 4. Very Good — has 7. Good — has 7. Average — has Bad — has Very Bad — has The theory is applicable here also. The theory is very simple. For example, Shelly is a combination between 3 Sh as first alphabet and 8 as full name.

If she catches an illness the result can be disastrous. Similarly, Stephen, as per Arabic Numerology, is a combination of 1 with 7, which is a very good name. Here also the phonetic sound of an alphabet is very important. For example, Stephen 7 which by itself is a good name marries Shelly 8. This combination is disastrous. Both of them are in deep trouble and either of them can be a victim of an incurable illness. But if Stephen 7 marries Monica 9 then they may never have any kind of problem or serious illness.

Now, we know that the illnesses occur due to the chemical deficiencies in our body. This chemical deficiency occurs due to wrong name and marriage combination. The main effect of illness is generally seen after marriage. This includes illnesses also. What is marriage? Marriage is the meeting of two souls and bodies that accept each other mentally. It is at the time of making love that the transfer of these chemicals is at its peak. This transfer of chemical is negative or positive would depend upon the category of marriage combination. Hence, the severity of an illness totally depends on the combination.

There are certain things in life which have not been and probably shall never be explained by science. Let us explain these 6 categories of combinations. People with excellent, very good and good combinations may only have old age or minor illnesses, because the chemical reaction works positively, creating a very strong immune system in these people. In average combination there may be minor, major as well as incurable illnesses. Alexander The Great 4 married Roxane 4. Alexander died within a year from an illness.

If he would not have married her, the history of this world would have been different. Jawaharlal Nehru 3 married Kamla 1. Individually both the names are very good, but when married it becomes a very bad combination. Shah Reza 7 of Iran had a good marriage combination prior to marrying Farrah Diba 8. This is a very dangerous combination.

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He died shortly. May be, if he had not married her, the history of Iran also would have been different today. She died within one year from an illness. Indira 4 married Feroze Gandhi 6. Feroze died very early, also due to an illness.

Zeenat Aman 8 , very famous Indian actress of 70s, married Mazhar Khan 2. Mazhar died very early due to an illness. All the above marriage combinations are very bad. Let us explain to you by giving another example. John is a businessman. According to Arabic numerology his name number is 9. People with name number 9 are very successful in almost all the fields. John is now big enough and plans to marry.

He has various proposals. John 9 marries Demi 1. This marriage combination is good. Life for both will be healthy and prosperous. John and Demi may only develop old age or minor illnesses, but nothing serious. John 9 marries Cameroon 2. This is not a good combination. Life will be full of tensions with financial problems. There may be no male or no child at all. Either of them can fall victim to long lasting incurable illness. Chances of Cameroon being the victim are more. John 9 marries Anita 3. This is an average combination. Life will be average. A childless issue may be a problem.

Anita may develop lung or breathing problems. John 9 marries Leonne 4. This is a very bad combination. Life will be full of tension and financial problems. John may develop left ear problem and may become obese. Even operation will not be able to cure his leftt ear. Leonne may develop acidity, heart and hair problems. John 9 marries Julia 5. This is a bad combination. Life will be full of problems at home and work place.

John may develop tension related illnesses. He may become obese and will develop left ear problem when in late 30s. Julia may develop thighs and rheumatic pains and stomach problems. Here if the wife becomes a victim to an incurable illness, her fate will be bad. John 9 marries Jacqueline 6. Life will be above average, though relations will not be good.

Child issue problems may be there. Jacqueline may have stomach and below the waist illnesses. John 9 marries Lara 7. This is an excellent combination. No tension of any kind. Life will shower all its blessings on the couple on all fronts. Health and financially the couple will remain very sound. John 9 marries Shelly 8. This is the most dangerous combination. The couple can expect anything from the very first day- whether accidental, health or financial. The woman may be a victim of TB, Aids, cancer or acute arthritis problem.

John may develop acute left ear problem, piles and backache. There are many problems and illnesses in this combination. John 9 marries Candice 9. This is also a very bad combination. Same number marriages are dangerous. Stronger the number worse are the consequences. They will have almost the same problems as above. In addition to that they may not have a child issue. By now we are sure that you may have understood how, why and under what combinations we develop illnesses.

Arabic numerology not only identifies these illnesses but also gives us their cures. Before we go to its cure let us give you another example that would clear the concept of why some dreaded illnesses cannot be cured and why we just remain helpless spectators to it. Let us talk about Aids. The general perception is that Aids is an incurable illness, which takes the patient to his death bed. It happens to those who have weak immune system.

However, if we understand it in numerological sense, why and to whom it happens it can be avoided and even cured and if Aids can be cured then any dreaded illness can be cured. In the book, Prophetic Way of Treatment, Mr. You may very rarely find any person from these numbers having Aids. These are the people who have maximum number of diseases. In fact, the hospital is filled with these people. They have no control on their sexual desires.

That is the main reason why these numbers contract Aids, as it is a sexually transmitted disease. Number 5 develops a weak immune system naturally. Though, number 9 those born in the second half of the lunar month is sexually frustrated, yet he may not catch Aids, because he has a very strong immune system. Say for instance, Shelly 8 contracts Aids. It is not necessary that her husband John 9 will contract Aids, even if he sleeps with her for months. She made astrology as her profession at a very young age of 22 years only and successfully earned a very good name in the field tarot cards reading in the last four years.

She is famous for her sports predictions and married life problems. Spread the love. We publish profound articles on Vedic Astrology, palmistry, spirituality, religion, Vastu, Feng Shui, Reiki, Lal Kitab, KP System and many other interesting topics covering how you can transform your everyday life with this timeless wisdom.