Leo horoscope for february 9

Be spontaneous today. Impulsive acts carry a kind of kinetic magic. Sometimes acting without thinking is pure recklessness, but now it's different. This is about grabbing opportunities as they arise. Your timing has to be perfectly on point! And if anyone can perfect their quick draw, it's you. You have a good sense of what makes a sure bet. And you can dance away from danger pretty easily, too. Tempers could flare today.

That includes your own. It's hard to stay calm under the current energy. Especially since it seems as if people aren't being nearly as kind or tactful as they should! That may be true, but it's also possible that you're overreacting. That's easy to do right now. Your mind jumps to conclusions and then your mouth takes over. Maybe this is a good opportunity to develop a thicker skin!

Courage has always been your strong point. Today, a boost from the cosmos makes you extra bold and inventive. Do you have a big project ahead of you, or a complex problem to solve? No problem! Just dive right in. The results are sure to be fantastic. Aside from a healthy sense of daring, you're also even more creative than usual. Ideas come quickly, and you're savvy enough to act on them. Your spirits are high now.

You're feeling downright spunky! You're in the mood for something fun, interesting and adventurous to happen. Odds are good that it will. Today is all about unexpected moves that keep you on your toes. Of course, this could wear you out by the end of the day! You're used to a steady flow of energy.

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Today brings more fits and starts. Try not to burn out too early!

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That's the current influence at work. Folks are making rash decisions and jumping to conclusions. Don't be surprised if you witness an argument, or worse, get involved in one yourself. And this is despite the fact that you do whatever you can to avoid conflict! Sometimes, it's inevitable. At least you're the type to fight fair. You can keep a disagreement from getting out of hand.

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Your passion is right at the surface of your being today. You know exactly what you want.

Horoscope today: February 9, 12222

It's so real to you, you can almost taste it! Pursue your heart's desire now, but do keep a sense of perspective. The current influence strengthens that part of you that won't take no for an answer. In some situations, that's a real benefit.

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In others, it just isn't appropriate. Today, off-the-cuff moves could have surprisingly positive outcomes. Sure, sometimes you can be too impulsive. But now, your best luck comes from your faith in the future. You aren't worried things won't work out. You trust that they will.

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